Stewardship of The Natural Environment – For the love of green


Finding faultless greenery, infused with aromas of life, fresh air and lush biodiversity was not what I call a difficult task. Where I live, waking up to chirping birds and a kingdom of freshness, with grass and pillars of trees, rabbits and dragonflies, is but the norm. Silver Lakes Golf Estate inhabits multicultural vegetation and animal residents. The site is peaceful, vast and nurtured to the tee. Each individual grass, just as spiky as it’s neighbour. Every rock, looks as if it was load and arranged in its place. It represent a beautiful form of life, and we as residents should be proud of and fully invested in its maintenance. 

The golf course is shaded by variegated tree life, however I could only identify a Fever Tree (Thorn Trees), Karee trees and a Combretum of Bushwillow. 


Whilst walking through the area, I spotted an abundance of fish in the water, dragonflies hovering over the pond and several frogs croaking about their daily business. A rabbit raced across the course, before I was able to capture it in action and various other sounds of insects and creatures were hidden inside the tall rangy reeds.  Sitting in silence, underneath the umbrella of leaves of a tree, I closed my eyes to filter in only what I could hear. Choirs of birds competed with the engines of passing cars, however the clinking notes that sound like a hammer from the Blacksmith Lapwing and the Crowned Lapwing overpowered prevailed in the background. 

Some might think, that the golf course is yet another example of how humans have invaded and control nature to the benefit of human satisfaction, but this is not the case. Majority of land used for development, residential flats and apartments, highways and shopping centers demolish all vegetation and steer away wildlife. However, in Silverlakes the green belt in a place where human activity and nature are able to co-exist, the two world colliding yet never interfering with one another. The area is a tranquil setting for animals and nature to continue as before, even with human invasion. The third phase of the residential space is where wildlife dominates human activity, with creatures such as snakes, buck and zebras call the place home. 


The first impression of this wonderful park life, is flawless but it is important to consider masked concerns that the area might uphold. The vast land has for obvious reasons been governed by human existence and although it promotes compelling wildlife and natural elegance, one has to wonder how much of the land was destroyed to make room for the thousands of property in this area alone. Yes, we are sticking beside our responsibility to ensure the place is clean, trimmed and magnificent to look at, but is it really our duty to barricade the growth of the trees through garnishing and piping them. It is justice to take 70% of the terrain and only give 30% to the rightful owners. It is really alright to confined the space of things that should not be tamed and should be able to grow without rules and in chaos. No. It is actually not okay. 


We can take action on how much we take, demolish and use high and dry. We as an estate should implement a policy to shut down the promotion of any further improvements and housing additions to the acreage. This way, we do not downsize the playground and home for the creatures and natural life that have no place to relocate to. This is this their home too. Wildlife and nature should never feel like guests in their own home. It is our time to make their house a permanent home.



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